_Collaboration Series 002 - Young Henrys Real Ale & Toasted Coriander Seed

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When I started Griffin Jerky, I looked at Young Henrys as an example of how you start something right.  Making something that you truly believe in, make it as well as you can and doing interesting things to let people know about it.  So I always wanted to approach Rich and Oscar at Young Henrys about doing something with them and they were on board straight away.  So I walked away with some beers and got to experimenting. I found the Real Ale to work perfectly and hold its flavour in the jerky really well.  I didn't want to step on the toes of the flavour of the beer, but wanted to let it shine through in the taste the jerky, and what I ended up with was a nice balance of the sweet, gentle hoppiness of the Real Ale that I gave a little accent with the sprinkling of freshly Toasted Coriander Seed.  Its resulted in a mild & smooth jerky that has a really lovely subtle texture and flavour that stands alone.


This run is a limited edition of 30g packets and will be available at their bar from the 24th of October till sold out and in limited numbers in our shop.