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About Us


Griffin Jerky started with just me, Brent Griffin, making jerky for family friends back around 2011 in my spare time from making music videos and producing & mixing music.


From this, word got out and I started to get commercial enquiries from bars I really liked. So I took my little dehydrator, figured out how to licence a small room out the back of a butcher and spent many hours at weird times (I don't miss 2am starts...) making the best jerky I could by myself.

I worked on developing my own flavours, using higher quality produce and taking care & paying close attention to the process and I quickly discovered that Jerky could be a much more satisfying, wholesome snack than it had a reputation for. More like a good salami than a scrappy, guilt filled snack.

With a market full of sugar loaded, preservative filled, ridiculously macho, over processed & uninspiring flavoured jerky I thought that I could do better making something that I'd love to eat. If I wanted this, I was sure there were people like me wanting more from jerky than just 'Ringstinger' or 'Teriyaki'. 


Griffin Jerky is an all Australian made, hand crafted Jerky from 100% Grass Fed Australian Beef. We're Gluten Free, No Preservatives, No Nitrites or Nitrates & no MSG and with no added sugar.

Griffin Jerky is just Real Jerky, Naturally Delicious.

Brent Griffin - Owner & Operator of Griffin Jerky