_Collaboration Series 001 - The 'Frank Rizzo' with Earls Juke Joint

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August 2013 // CS001 // Earls Juke Joint & the 'Frank Rizzo'.


Earls Juke Joint is the brainchild of Pasan Wijisena, part of the Swillhouse Group of bar magicians (Shady Pines, Frankies, Tios, Baxters Inn) and owner of the New Orleans inspired bar in Newtown.  

When I was starting with the idea of making Jerky, Pasan was already working towards his dream of Earls and encouraged me to start making it to sell through his bar when it opened.  Figuring the timing would be just right, we both went on our way.  As we got closer to our respective openings, we decided to collaborate on a drink / jerky pairing that Pasan had an amazing cocktail he was working on that would be perfect for it.  All we needed was a name, and for a first collaboration, we HAD to pay homage to the 80s prank call genius of The Jerky Boys, and my favorite character they invented.  Introducing...

The Frank Rizzo: Rye whiskey, lemon juice, maple syrup. Shaken and served over ice. Topped with peche Belgian ale and BBQ bitters. Garnished with a stick of Cajun BBQ Griffin Jerky.

This Jerky is a mix of Cajun style spices, smoked chipotle & paprika & marinated in Pineapple Juice is EXCLUSIVELY available at Earls Juke Joint with the Frank Rizzo.