Sydney BBQ & Beer Festival & The Flash Sale

Posted by Brent Griffin on

Thanks to everyone who cleaned up in the flash sale, I really appreciate you stopping by and stocking up!  A bunch of people found a little loophole in my code and got sampler packs for half price! That's quite a steal, so congrats and i'll now  be extra cautious with my excitement when setting up the next sale!

We were also at the Sydney Beer & BBQ festival in late June and it was great to meet customers new & old!  If you're new to Griffin Jerky, welcome and thanks for shopping with us.  We gave out several KGs of samples and sold a load of jerky to tonnes of craft beer nuts and it went down a treat!  I'll definitely be back for next year, hopefully in Adelaide too.

We're now restocked with jerky fresh out of the dehydrators, so get into it!