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Ive been working on making a good system to reward our loyal customers for a long time now, as i've wanted to give something back to everyone who buys and supports Griffin Jerky! As it's just a small company, I appreciate every customer and sale, and I realise Jerkys not cheap.  Especially the way we make it with the absolute best ingredients & packaging we can buy to make the end product as good as it can possibly be.  

I toyed with points & rewards, but I personally find them quite annoying and abstract.  I like to know what i'm getting without being confused, and from the research I did, you guys feel that way too.  

So introducing the Griffin Jerky VIP Club!

You don't need to do anything asides from when you're buying online, make sure to log in or start an account and we can then track what you spend, and the more you spend over time, the more you save!  We track this and you advance up the ranks the more you shop, and it keeps adding up over time. We don't reset it, you will get to keep the discount as long as the VIP Club exists! And unless I can come up with a better system, it's here to stay!

Our levels add up with each order, so every order you make adds onto your total which brings you up the ranks forever!  By just registering for an account, you get you get;

  • BRONZE - 10% OFF

And as you spend more, you automatically go up in rank for bigger discounts

  • SILVER - 15% OFF
  • GOLD - 20% OFF
  • BLACK - 25% OFF

I'll let you know what level you are with our newsletters, as your code will only work with the level you're currently at.  If you code ever stops working, shoot me an email and you've probably just gone up a level!

I hope you guys like this, and if you can think of any better system, i'm all ears!  But for now, log in and start saving!!


Brent Griffin