Griffin Jerkys first 'Brand Ambassadors' - Alex Cameron & Roy Molloy

Posted by Brent Griffin on

I'd like to introduce and welcome Griffin Jerkys' first 'Brand Ambassadors', Alex Cameron & Roy Molloy.

Alex Cameron is a Sydney musician who's touring relentlessly with his main man & saxophonist, Roy Molloy and they're making huge waves internationally & tearing it up all the way to the top. It's hard to stay well fed while on the road, so Griffin Jerky is just the healthy, gluten free ticket for these young road dogs, and i'm super proud to welcome them to the family.

Check them out on their facebook & give them a follow on the old @twitter at @alkcm and @marvellouscrane and make sure you see them rip it up at their next show. Good luck out there, boys.