GRIFFIN JERKY IS BACK IN STOCK! Plus our new packets & flavour rebalance are go!

Posted by Brent Griffin on

Thanks for making our 50% off sale such a huge success!  We nearly sold out within an hour, and were fully sold out not long after that.  You should all have your jerky now, and I hope you're enjoying it! 

Just wanted to let you know that we're now restocked with our new packet design! I'm really happy with these as they really pop & make it easier to tell what's what.  The original packets had a great run (4 years!) but I ran out of arms & couldn't keep up with dating the batches by hand.  I'll still use that format for small run, special one offs though.  We'll be doing a new photoshoot for the website too, finally!!!

Also, i've rebalanced the flavours with this new redesign (and any of the original packets marked #108 & higher or with a Best Before after July 2018).  As production grows, the recipes evolve, and it's not as easy as just increasing the amount as you need to rebalance the way the flavours work.  I've listened to your great feedback & i'm sure you'll love the new & improved flavours!  

Srirachuan has more Sichuan Pepper punch, Sriracha bite, chili heat & depth of flavour, Chipotle Adobo is richer & deeper with more of that great smoky flavour, and The Classic has more Pepper & Coriander Seed and a much smoother, rich flavour.  Back to how it used to be, basically!  And across the board, they're much less salty!  We use the best Tamari money can buy (a premium wheat free Soy Sauce) but you can definitely have too much of a good thing, so i've fine tuned that so it's bold & rich, but not a salt overload.  

Anyway, thanks for being a customer of Griffin Jerky, I really appreciate it.

Have a great weekend!

Brent Griffin

(ps: if you placed an order this week, they'll be going out today hopefully! Restocking took a bit longer than expected!)