Get to know our Classic jerky!

Posted by Brent Griffin on

I want to do a little run down of each of our flavours in these newsletters, and where better to start than our flagship jerky, the Griffin Classic. This is the first jerky I started making with the aim to make a completely sugar free, gluten free, full tasting jerky.

100% SUGAR FREE. Finding an actual 100% sugar free jerky that's commercially produced is surprisingly hard. Sugar is used for a variety of reasons in jerky production, it makes the jerky softer and it's also used to bulk up the weight of the finished jerky. I'm not into that, and I find sweetened jerky a bit sickly in texture & taste, so I made a commitment to keep sugar out of our jerky, with our Classic having NO added sugar. 

100% GLUTEN FREE. I made a commitment to use only the best ingredients in my jerky, and with all of my years of testing, I found a certain brand of Tamari gave the best flavour profile for a jerky base, with it's smooth, well balanced & delicate flavour and is 100% gluten free. Tamari is Soy Sauce that's made with no wheat, making it completely Coeliac friendly! I'm not chasing any buzzwords by making my jerky gluten free, but its a great bonus and make for a much better finished product. Sure, it costs around 4 times as much as the basic soy everyone uses, but the quality speaks for itself!

FRESH, QUALITY SPICES. I built the flavour of our classic around the fact it's sugar free, wanting to give a fully flavoured, satisfying jerky.  We freshly grind our spices that go into all of our jerkys, and Classic is no exception. We go the extra mile to get the highest quality, full flavoured spices we can find with an amazing Indian Cumin Seed that gives it a slight hint of curried spice and whole Jamaican All Spice berries are ground fresh & we finish if off with a healthy sprinkle of Cracked Pepper & Coriander Seed. 

AUSTRALIAN GRASS FED BEEF. My first reason for using Grass Fed beef was to commit to using only beef that gets to roam free, outside of feedlots. A bonus for this is that it makes for leaner beef, which is great for Jerky as fat doesn't age too well. Also, Australian Beef is some of the best in the world, so it's a no brainer. 

MINIMALLY PROCESSED / NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES. This one applies to all of our Jerky, in that we just do 4 things. Slice, marinate, dehydrate & pack. That's it! All freshly sliced beef, marinated in our signature flavours, then laid out to dry in our dehydrators. Then it's immediately packed & shipped out! That's it! Our jerky is preserved by dehydrating it to the perfect level, with the salt content from our Tamari base keeping it fresh with a oxygen absorber to keep it as fresh as possible. I love getting jerky in varying thicknesses, shapes & sizes as it shows exactly what it is, looks great and makes for a more interesting texture.